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Application Development Made Smarter…Stronger…Faster

NiagaraAX, Tridium’s next generation software framework for building device-to-enterprise applications and Internet-enabled products, provides a unified development platform to easily build Internet-enabled products and software applications for controlling and managing diverse “smart” devices across an enterprise in real time. NiagaraAX makes application development smarter and faster and dramatically speeds time to market and significantly reduces R&D investment.

Create Smarter Applications Delivering More Valuable Information

NiagaraAX’s open, Java-based Framework creates a common environment that connects to almost any embedded device imaginable, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol. The system then models the data and behavior of the devices into normalized software components, providing a seamless, uniform view to the enterprise via a wide variety of XML-based enterprise connectivity options and open API’s.

Empower Users with Stronger Tools

NiagaraAX includes a comprehensive, graphical toolset that enables non-programmers to build rich applications in a drag-and-drop environment. By wiring Niagara components together, developers build control strategies, alarming, and scheduling applications as well as browser-based displays and reports. And for programmers, Niagara provides extensive open APIs, allowing developers to extend the behavior of the platform and create their own unique products, applications, plug-ins, data views and business application logic.

Faster To-Market with Web-Services Applications

NiagaraAX reduces development time by merging automation, IT and Internet technologies in a single solution. The Framework builds in the resources you need to implement advanced Web-services applications – TCP/IP, HTTP, XML, SOAP, oBIX – so your applications can read data, send commands, respond to alarms, etc., in real time… anytime, anywhere from a standard Web browser.

The Intelligent Building Intelligent Buildings run on Niagara

Niagara is used in products built by some of the world's leading manufacturers.  Click here to find out more.